The 73" wide Ultra U-22TC features very stylish full cloth doors and sides. Available with black or white fabric this cabinet has a sleek modern look. 

Durable construction includes inch-thick top and bottom panels to the European-style soft close hinges and high quality beautiful veneer MDF for ultimate stability. 

The fabric construction allows for ample ventilation to keep your electronic components cool.  It's best not to let the internal temperature rise above 85°F, as high temperatures reduce the life span of your electronics.

All Ultra Cabinets accommodate 19'' EIA standard rack rails which enable you to add most any rack rail supported accessory from drawers for your media collection, cooling fans for your high-powered audio components, or even a sliding shelf for your turntable.

Removable back panels give instant access to the wiring behind your components for hassle-free cable management.  Cutouts at the rear of all shelves provide easy channeling of cables.Accommodates center channel speakers. 

The interior of the cabinet is free of obstruction side to side and front to back to fit components and large center channel speakers. Speakers can even be placed in the side bays of the cabinet.  The 26" wide x 20'' Deep by center bay easily accommodates center channel speakers. The standard center fabric panel door gives you complete sound transparency.  Infrared remote controls work through the screen and fabric doors.

Optional heavy-duty rolling casters make the cabinet easy to move. Assembly is a snap and takes about an hour.


$ 1895.00